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Emergency Procedures

Emergency Drills

Mommy's Daycare is firmly committed to the protection and promotion of the health and safety of all its children and employees. Regular drills of emergency procedures are conducted on a monthly basis in order to familiarize the children and staff with what to do in an emergency. The dates of the drills are in our monthly newsletter, and each drill is documented.

Emergency Supplies

To help your child deal with the stress of an emergency situation, Mommy's Daycare requests that all parents in the center bring an emergency kit to the center. The kit should have enough supplies to provide for your child for at least 72 hours, including water, food and comfort supplies. The kit should be replaced each year to ensure that all supplies are fresh and are not expired. 

If your child receives medication at night, this information should be included on your child’s emergency card, and if the medication is mandatory, we ask that you include some of this medication in your child's emergency kit.

All parents must make sure that all family information is up to date on their child's emergency cards.


In the event of an emergency such as a Fire or Earthquake, we will evacuate the building. When it is safe to do so, Mommy’s Daycare staff will then text and call families directly with specific directions. If families are unable to be reached via text, Educators will begin to contact the emergency contacts provided for your child.

In the event that an emergency requires evacuation of the building, we will evacuate to the front of the building, and then, if we must evacuate the yard for emergency personnel access we will gather at the sidewalk at 270A Street and 26th Ave.

In the event that an emergency requires evacuation of the surrounding area, we will be relocating to Betty Gilbert Middle School, located at 26845 27 Ave, Aldergrove, BC.

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