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Basic Learning Begins With Child Care

Welcome to Mommy's Daycare! At our center, we are committed to providing a warm and loving environment for your little ones. We understand how difficult it is to leave your child and we strive to give them everything you would wish for at home. Our professional staff loves working with children each day and we look forward to developing close relationships with you and your family.

Mommy's Daycare is a fully licensed Infant and Toddler Center by the Fraser Health Authority. We have been providing excellent early learning programs and quality childcare services for infants up to 36 months for over 16 years!

 Our center offers age-appropriate programs to fit the needs of each individual child. Our children are tomorrow's leaders, and we commit to providing a developmentally stimulating and challenging program to ensure that every child receives the best start in life.

Programs Offered

We offer full and part-time programs for children from newborn up to three-year-olds. 

Full-time programs run from Monday to Friday. 

Part-time programs may consist of a minimum of two to three days/week to a maximum of five days/week.

Why Choose Us?

Mommy's Daycare strives to create a culturally diverse play base educational and social environment in which your child will be encouraged to be a self-motivated learner, developing qualities such as concentration, coordination, organization and independence. Mommy's Daycare will enable your child to maximize his/her potential for success in learning and acquiring life skills.

Enable your child to maximize his or her potential for success in learning and acquiring life skills. 

Contact us today to book our daycare services.

What our parents are saying

Mommys daycare has been a great place for my son to go while I am at work. He was comfortable right away and is always happy to be there. I am able to drop him off and leave with out it upsetting him. He has grown so much and seems to be learning more and more each day. Thanks, Mommys Daycare!

- Leanne 

I've been taking my kids here for over 3 years now (first my daughter and now my youngest son) and we've always had a very good experience with Sohilla and her staff. The transition to go from home to daycare is a hard one for both kids and parents, but we did gradual entry as suggested by her which helped a lot for both of them. She's sensitive to their needs and the parents' (she'll update us if needed). What I love the most is the home-like and motherly atmosphere for the kids. I know they like it too because they're happy kids when they come home with all their crafts and stories.

I'm very happy with our experience and would recommend her to anyone.

- Ivonne 

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